Unique full leather barefoot ballerinas.

36,5- Length 24 cm, toe circumference 22,5-23cm (widest point over toes)

37- Length 24,5 cm, toe circumference 22,5-23,5 cm (widest point over toes)

38-Length 25.2 cm, finger club circumference 23-24 cm (widest point across fingers)

39-Length 25,8 cm, circumference of finger joints 23-24 cm (widest point over fingers)

40-Length 26,4 cm, circumference of finger joints 23,5-24,5 cm (widest point over fingers)

41-Length 27.1 cm, finger joint circumference 24-25 cm (widest point across fingers)

Upper material: cowhide leather

Lining: pigskin

Sole thickness: 3 mm, zero drop.

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2,800.00 Kč